Do I Qualify for SSDI or SSI Benefits?

If you aren’t sure, start by filling out our form. This will help to see if you are eligible and qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. To be eligible, your medical condition must the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability. You must also have worked in jobs covered by Social Security. These two factors are necessary for any disability benefits.

However, if you have applied and been denied, that doesn’t mean you don’t necessarily qualify. Many times the correct information was not provided. That is why DSS helps many applicants through the disability benefits process. We can help you gather and organize the needed information the first time around or through your appeal. If you are finding the SSDI or SSI benefits process difficult, give us a call today.

What does the SSA mean by disability?

This might seem like a simple answer but many programs define disability differently. For the Social Security Administration (SSA), you can find their definition here.

Are there special situations for disability claims?

Yes, there is. Are you a veteran, windowed, blind, or the parent of a disabled child? Learn more about how these are handled through the SSA on their website.

How does the SSA decide if you are disabled?

It is actually down to five questions. To learn about these and the step-by-step process, go here. If you have any other questions, contact us today.

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You Are Eligible, Now What?

Please keep in mind, just because you qualify, it does not automatically mean you get awarded benefits. Often, you may need representation to help you get your benefits. Disability Support Services (DSS) is equipped to help any applicant through the precise steps to determine your eligibility for benefits. Our staff is specially trained to recognize and work with clients who are mentally or physically disabled.

When you contact DSS, we will explain the application processes and simplify them for you, as we have done thousands of times before. Understand that there is help in what appears to be an overwhelming task.  We are here to assist you in better understanding your Social Security disability benefits. Contact DSS today to make an appointment for a FREE consultation.