What is Social Security Disability Insurance?

Social Security Disability Insurance pays benefits to you if you are insured, which means if you worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes. If you have worked steadily within the past 5 years and suffer from a disability you are likely eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance. These benefits are based on of how much you have paid into Social Security. Medicare is another benefit that you will receive after a two-year delay from the start of receiving your money from SSA.

In the state of Maryland, the SSDI process may take over two years. Let our knowledgeable, dedicated and friendly staff at Disability Support Services, Inc. (DSS), help you make sure your case does not go astray and to achieve a successful outcome as soon as possible.

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Am I eligible for SSDI benefits?

Start by filling out our form to see if you may be qualified.

Some good news: I’m proud to report that #SSA hit a 30-year low in the number of pending hearings as of last week, thanks to our dedicated staff! This is a major milestone, and I know we can do even more with sufficient, sustained funding.

People with disabilities are waiting too long for decisions on disability benefits applications. #SocialSecurity used to process these in 90-120 days. Now it can take a year or more in some States. This is unconscionable. We can fix this crisis, with more resources from Congress.

#SocialSecurity has issued an Emergency Message on the change in the default rate for collecting alleged overpayments -- now 10% of the current payment, instead of 100%. Significant portions of the EM are redacted in the version shared with the public.

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Disability Support Services helps you:

  • Understand the entire SSA disability process.
  • See if they may also be eligible for SSI benefits.
  • Complete and submit the initial application.
  • Review their medical records and submit them to SSA to ensure they have a strong claim.
  • Keep up to date on their case.
  • Update SSA of any changes that may occur during the application process.
  • Review denials and handle the appeals process at every level necessary.

Contact DSS, today to make an appointment for a FREE consultation.