Ways to Determine if You Are Capable of Working

The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses many variables to determine if applicants are capable of working. Applicants may be adamant that they cannot work, but the Social Security Administration may feel differently. So, the question is: what are the criteria that SSA uses to determine whether a person should receive benefits? The information below will help you to understand and identify some of the factors the SSA uses to determine if an applicant can work, or if they can be a recipient of the disability benefits.

The SSA takes into consideration what kind of work you have done, what kind of work you could do, and whether or not you are capable of performing the duties required of these positions. If the SSA determines that the applicant’s’ disability does not impede them from doing the same type of work they were doing before applying for benefits, then the SSA will find that the applicant does not have a disability and will deny their application. If the applicant cannot do the same work as before, nor any other work then SSA will find them disabled.

Capable of working disability

Factors Considered

Some of the factors that are part of the decision-making process for disability approval include age, education, and physical limitations.


People between 18 years of age and 49 years of age are considered ‘below-advanced age.’ Applicants between the ages of 50 to 54 years old are considered to be approaching ‘advanced age.’ And, applicants 55 and older are considered to be ‘advanced in age.’ The older the applicant, the more likely they will receive disability benefits due to their inability to change careers.


Your education level can be a factor in determining your approval for disability. An older person who lacks education has a harder time changing careers than a younger person with advanced education. This is because of the opportunities available to each respective category.

Physical Limitations

There are many jobs in the national economy, and an applicant must be unable to perform any of those jobs. It does not matter if you want to do a particular job or not. To qualify for disability benefits, it only matters if the applicant is physically or mentally able to work or not.

For more assistance, Disability Support Services is here to provide you with the necessary help needed for filing for benefits. Click here to learn more about determining if you are capable of working and if you qualify for disability benefits.