5 Tips on How to File for Social Security Disability

Applying for social security disability can be a daunting task. Many individuals have no idea where to begin and quickly become overwhelmed with the process. At Disability Support Services, assistance is always available for filing claims or learning how the process works. Below are five tips on how you can file for social security disability with ease.

1. Understand the Benefit Programs

The Social Security Administration offers two programs regarding disability benefits. The first is titled disability insurance, which is for individuals who have worked and paid taxes for this type of insurance. The second is SSI, which is for those who have not worked enough, individuals who receive welfare benefits or children who are under the age of 18.

2. Mention All Health Problems

As you file your disability application, remember to include all of your health issues, no matter how large or small. Health problems will be evaluated together as your case is viewed. Include the severity of symptoms as well as information on doctors, hospitals, and treatment centers used.

3. Unfavorable Decisions

It is common for an applicant to receive an unfavorable decision during the early stages of the application process. If you receive such a decision, file an appeal. Do not wait, file as soon as you can. You need to file an appeal within 60-days of the denial letter date.

4. Document Medical Conditions

For your case to be successful, be sure to record all medical conditions. You need to receive care for your medical conditions from a professional. Doctors’ treatment records must be complete, and you must see your doctor regularly to be considered for disability.

5. Consider Mental Health

Not all disability is associated with a physical ailment. Sometimes, disability can be in regards to mental health. You may have issues of depression or bipolar disorder, or you may develop mental health issues as you are out of work due to physical limitations. Be sure to seek help for any mental conditions and include any treatments in your paperwork.

If you have questions on this or how to file for Social Security Disability Benefits, Disability Support Services is here for you. Contact us today.