Leading Causes of Disability and Need for Disability Benefits

Leading Causes of Disability Disability Support Services BlogBecoming disabled is not something that individuals think about on a daily basis. At Disability Support Services, we understand that disability can happen at any time, and it is important for individuals to understand the leading causes of disability benefits and what conditions can qualify for such benefits. Below are the main causes and how they can affect you in regards to becoming disabled.


Arthritis and additional musculoskeletal problems are a big reason many individuals have to file for disability. A third of all disability cases can stem from arthritis. The ability to do a job can be profoundly affected when arthritis occurs. Additional joint and muscle issues such as bones that have not mended or back issues can be a common reason for disability.


One of the fastest growing causes of disability claims today is cancer. The rate of cancer is rising, and individuals are unable to work due to various cancer conditions as well as the treatments used to try and cure the cancer status.

Stroke and Heart Disease

Persons who have suffered a stroke can have a difficult time working because certain parts of the body can shut down completely. Heart disease is a condition associated with stroke conditions that can result in a limited ability to work.

Mental Health

Disability is usually considered a physical issue, but it can also be linked to mental health. From bipolar disorders to depression, there are mental health conditions that can be just as disabling as an illness of the physical kind.

Each of these circumstances is one reason behind filing for disability claims. If you need assistance in determining if you may qualify, contact Disability Support Services. With the help of the support company, you can be on your way to filing for assistance to help you earn benefits for your condition.