How Drugs and Alcohol Affect Getting Disability Benefits

Drugs and alcohol use can effect your SSI application

Drugs and alcohol usage could contribute to your impairment.

One of the questions we are asked is the effect that drugs and alcohol can have on your ability to receive benefits. Can social drinking every now and again stop you from getting the money you need to survive? Would any past drug use cause you a rift in the process? When filing for disability or SSI benefits, you want to know everything there is to know about being successful at getting the benefits you deserve. Having someone on your side to help explain the ins and outs can be a great benefit during the process. Here at Disability Support Services, that is exactly what we do. We put our experience to work for you. Take a look here to see the answers to these questions and what you should know about the process.

Does it contribute?

In most cases, SSI benefits are applied for due to a physical or mental impairment. This impairment means you cannot work or function on a daily basis as you should. One thing that is considered is the fact that the alcohol or drug usage could contribute to your impairment. If it is a factor that stops you from doing your daily duties, this is not considered a disability. It could get you denied for benefits if either of them is the cause of your case. However, there are times when drugs and alcohol are not contributing factors to your impairment. It will be necessary to provide the Social Security Administration with the medical evidence that proves this. Disability Support Services can help you overcome this hurdle.

What does the claim examiner think?

When looking at your claim, your examiner may factor in even moderate use as contributing to your situation. Conditions such as insomnia, depression, and anxiety can all be affected by drug or alcohol abuse and can make them worse. You could be denied for the user because the belief may be that if you stopped, your condition would improve.

Should you answer honestly?

Honesty is always the best policy and this is no different. You should freely discuss any usage or questions you have with your representative at Disability Support Services to make sure you have all your bases covered. Do not lie on your application, as that could be detrimental to your case. Make sure you address all your questions to your representative as soon as possible to give you the best approval chances.