What a Disability Support Services Representative Does for You

Disability Support Services representative

Disability Support Services representative will guide you through the SSI application process

Applying for SSI benefits can be quite a daunting task. It can be overwhelming with the paperwork, medical exams, questions asked, and the threat of denial. While it’s true most cases are denied the first time around, give yourself the best foot forward with the amazing client representative services at Disability Support Services. Learning how the representative can assist you in making your claim will give you peace of mind and help you understand the process better. It also lets you rest easy knowing you have an experienced claim representative on your side. Take a look below at how your representative will help you.

Application Process

The application process is longer than most may realize. There are many factors that go into this process and if you miss a step, it can cause your claim to be denied or delayed. The representative will help you get through the entire process and walk you through step-by-step.

Medical Paperwork and Exams

Along with the application process, your representative will assist you in gathering all the necessary medical paperwork that is required. Filing for disability requires medical exams, counseling sessions, and other exams that you must produce all of the paperwork and submit to SSA They will also ensure that you attend each and every Consultative Exam that is required by the SSA department.

Updating the SSA

When it comes to your disability claims, you must inform the Social Security Administration of any changes that have been made. If you change address, your condition changes, or any other aspect is different than your first application, they must be notified. This is where your rep can assist you in making sure everything is updated on time.

Appeals and Representation

Another important aspect that your Disability Support Services representative will handle is the appeals process. We will file any appeals that are needed to get the benefits you deserve. We will also represent you in any of the court appearances that must be made during the process.

Do not feel as if you are alone in filing for your disability. Contact Disability Support Services today to see how you can get on the road to obtaining your deserved benefits.